Next Steps

Congratulations! You've completed the C# For Beginners tutorial!

At this point, you might be wondering what's the next step? Here are some actions you can take to work on your C# skills even more:

  1. Do the challenges. If you've been following the lessons but skipping the challenges, I highly suggest you go back and do them! Working on the challenges is a great way to reinforce the concepts.

  2. Answer the pre-lesson questions. At the start of every lesson there are some questions that each lesson aims to answer. See if you can answer these questions in your own terms. The best way to check if you've understood a concept is if you can explain it to someone else!

  3. Read the C# documentation. C# is a huge topic and we've only explored a small part. Check out the official C# docs if you'd like to go more in-depth.

  4. Go through the C# course on Codecademy. The Codecademy C# course is an interactive course on the basics, and more. The interactive environment is great for instant feedback.

  5. Take the C# course on Microsoft Learn. Microsoft Learn is another site where you can work on each concept interactively. Again, practice makes perfect!

In the future, I'll update this tutorial with bonus lessons to cover more C# topics, and more challenges to help you put your C# knowledge into practice.

I will also be working on More C# for Beginners, where we will focus on C# classes and object-oriented programming. Please look forward to it!

All the best in your C# adventures!

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